Russell Jones


About Russell Jones

Willis Russell Jones of Georgia is an entrepreneur and business owner in the insurance and real estate industries. He is a dedicated member of his community who enjoys mentoring junior members of his team, coaching baseball games in his spare time. With his extensive experience in business management and community development, he has helped to build multiple successful companies.

Russell Jones has always admired business leaders and their ability to bring people together to achieve a shared goal. He works hard to inspire younger members of his companies at all levels and makes himself available to give advice to whoever asks. Russell believes that being an engaged and proactive leader is essential to creating an innovative and cohesive team environment. When every member of a team feels included and valued, the business will be exceptional. Russell bases his strategies as a leader around this philosophy and builds his teams carefully to create the best possible environment for success.

The real estate and insurance industries can both be volatile and difficult for people who are unfamiliar with the processes to understand. Russell Jones wants to ensure that all of his clients are completely satisfied with the services that he provides; he strives to ensure that all of his customers are fully aware of what they’re committing to and are happy with what the parties agree to. Russell believes that listening to clients about their needs and wants is vital to constructing a deal that is satisfactory. He teaches his employees to actively listen and respect the unique perspective that each client brings to his offices.

Russell Jones’ real estate businesses specialize in property management, which can be a difficult and time-consuming task. It is the responsibility of the property manager to find new tenants and manage building upkeep. With his years of experience in the field, Russell has been able to perfect the process of day-to-day property management, keeping property owners and renters happy.

In his free time, Russell Jones is an avid baseball fan and coach. He’s loved baseball since he was a child and is passionate about helping the next generation of players reach their full potential. Helping people pursue a sport they love is also a great way for Russell to stay involved in his community and meet new people with the same passions as him. He enjoys rooting for the Eagles during regional games and always tunes in to see the Savannah Bananas’ antics.